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Sunday, Mar 10, 2019 (10:00 am - 1:00 pm)

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Skills Day
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Whether you are looking for practice time between classes or need to brush up on specific skills, these self-guided skills days are a great opportunity to practice with someone of equal experience and get out on the water. Students will choose their focus and receive the appropriate skill checkoff sheets before heading out on the water. There are three different skill day focus options:

Advanced Sailing
Practice maintaining points of sail, tacking, jibing, managing speed, heaving-to and reefing.

Practice sailing off and on the dock under a variety of conditions.

Crew Overboard
Practice performing the Figure 8 and Quick Stop maneuvers.

Participants will take turns skippering the boat.

Skipper’s Duties: Get the boat ready to sail, assign crew positions, give safety briefing, sail the boat safely off the dock at the start of the day and back at the end of the day.

Required: Basic Keelboat certification or the equivalent necessary (Plus some sailing experience within the last year).


  • PM time slot: sailors must be able to control the boat under higher afternoon winds.
  • The boat must have 2-5 persons aboard.
  • Navigation is limited to Clipper Cove.


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