Volunteer Rewards Program

Saturday, Jan 1, 2022 (10:00 am - 11:59 pm)

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We acknowledge the importance of giving back to our communities. Some of us get involved with TISC to meet new people and others to sharpen their skills.  Some people are passionate for the cause, while others may volunteer to learn how to sail. For the later, we have created a Volunteer Rewards Program. Whatever the motivation, all are welcome!

TISC Volunteers with a minimum of 16 hours of service:

  • Can utilize TISC’s programs and fleet
  • Can trade their hours equal to hours of instruction for any of TISC’s courses or rentals
  • Must adhere to TISC’s progression of courses and boat usage policies
  • Must complete volunteer hours equal to any course or rental prior to any reservation

TISC will reserve 25% of its courses for volunteers per availability. Volunteer hours are non-transferable unless in the case of a minor to whom the volunteer is a legal guardian

Logging Hours

  • There are two ways to log your volunteer hours. The preferred way is through online volunteer sign up which automatically track hours for shift. If you volunteer without signing up online, you can still track your hours in the Volunteer Log Book in the office.